a cold rolled steel buildings built by Hamilton Steel
a cold rolled steel buildings built by Hamilton Steel

The benefits of cold rolled steel

2nd March 2023 · Cold-Rolled Steel Buildings

The benefits of cold rolled steel

When constructing a steel frame building, one of the key considerations is the type of structural steel to use. The chemical composition of the steel can be altered to have a certain finish or uniformity depending on the purpose of the steel building.

There are two types of rolled steel available, cold-rolled steel and hot-rolled steel. Cold-rolled steel is becoming increasingly popular in the construction of steel buildings, and in this blog post, we delve into why that is the case.

What is cold-rolled steel?

Cold-rolled steel is rolled out to form a coil during production. The difference between cold-rolled and hot-rolled is the varying degrees of temperature at which the coil is rolled out.

Cold-rolled steel is rolled at room temperature.

Unlike hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel does not require cooling, and is smooth to the touch.

What are the benefits?

Cold-rolled steel has a number of key benefits;

Due to being rolled at room temperature, the production of cold-rolled steel is less energy-intensive. As it does not require cooling, cold-rolled steel can be manufactured quickly.

The lightweight nature of cold-rolled steel means that less heavy lifting and mechanical handling machinery is required. Cold-rolled steel also requires smaller foundations than hot-rolled steel, which results in more cost savings for clients during installation.

One of the most significant advantages is the strength of cold-rolled steel; it is up to 20% stronger than hot-rolled steel, maintaining its structural integrity and making it ideal for projects where strength and stability are paramount.

Aesthetically, cold-rolled steel is more attractive than hot-rolled steel buildings. Due to the smooth and shiny surface of cold-rolled steel and the fact that it benefits from uniformity and consistent shapes, cold-rolled steel buildings are more likely to leave a positive impression due to their sleek and modern appearance.

Are there any drawbacks?

With any material, cold-rolled steel does have a couple of disadvantages which are important to consider.

Due to the strength of cold-rolled steel, it can be tougher to manipulate, meaning that bespoke projects can have a longer processing time. When ordering material for a project, it is important that the sheets are measured accurately, as it is more difficult to alter the width of cold-rolled steel. Also, due to its many positive features, cold-rolled steel tends to come at a higher price point, however, as discussed above, cost savings can be made elsewhere.

Should I opt for a cold-rolled steel building?

This depends entirely on what the steel building is being used for. If the building is being used for the storage of particularly bulky or heavy loads, or it needs to withstand extreme temperatures or corrosive environments, then hot-rolled steel may be more suitable due to the thickness of the steel.

On the other hand, cold-rolled steel is well suited to warehouses, small to medium agricultural buildings, offices, garages, workshops and more. The versatility and speed at which cold-rolled steel buildings can be manufactured and erected, as well as the cost-savings involved in the installation, make cold-rolled steel buildings a popular choice for a variety of business sectors.

If you’re looking for expert guidance on steel building design and installation, we’re here to assist you. You can contact us here.

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