a cold rolled steel buildings built by Hamilton Steel
a cold rolled steel buildings built by Hamilton Steel


Refurbishment of steel buildings is a process that is undertaken for several reasons, including modernising outdated structures, maximising thermal efficiency, and adding extensions to accommodate new building uses.

Steel building refurbishment project by Hamilton Steel.

A range of refurbishment options

For steel buildings, there is a vast range of refurbishment options to consider in order to update the efficiency and design of the structure.

Some of these refurbishment processes include:

  • Adding extensions to existing steel framework
  • Re-roofing (including stripping the existing roof and safe removal of hazardous materials)
  • Re-cladding
  • Insulation
  • Roller shutter door replacement
  • Upgrading gutters and drainage systems.
  • Installation of GRP roof lights

These processes help to enhance the appearance and functionality of a steel structure ensuring your building stands the test of time.

Roof refurbishment project by Hamilton Steel.

A cost-effective solution

Refurbishing a steel structure is much more profitable than tearing it down and starting over.

Opting to refurbish instead of completely rebuilding, allows you to incorporate new energy-efficient materials and technology that will help you save a significant amount of money over time.

Additionally, hiring a professional team to carry out your chosen refurbishments, can help to preserve the structural integrity and design of your steel building, decreasing the need for repairs and replacements so often.

Steel building refurbishment project by Hamilton Steel.

Increased thermal performance

Many older steel structures often have outdated insulation materials that decrease the energy efficiency of a building.

Upgrading the cladding on your building or investing in some brand-new roller shutter doors can help to improve the thermal performance of your building. A new layer of cladding can help to cover gaps that may have opened up over time within your steel structure or investing in a brand new roof can reduce the likelihood of leaks and ensure your building remains at an appropriate temperature.

Let Hamilton Steel take care of your refurbishment

We apply the same standards to all of our refurbishment work as we do to newly constructed steel buildings. These projects require careful surveying, design and planning, and the flexibility to adapt to unanticipated circumstances.

With a range of past refurbishment projects under our belt, you can rely on our professional team to ensure your steel building is fit for purpose, long-lasting, and energy-efficient. We work with a range of clients across the country, providing a wide selection of refurbishment services from re-roofing and re-cladding to upgrading drainage systems.

Whatever your refurbishment requirements, we can provide full project management to ensure your project is streamlined and hassle-free.

For a high-quality structural steel refurbishment solution, get in touch today.