a cold rolled steel buildings built by Hamilton Steel
a cold rolled steel buildings built by Hamilton Steel

What is structural steel and how can it benefit steel fabrication contractors?

2nd August 2023 · Structural Steel

What is structural steel and how can it benefit steel fabrication contractors?

In construction, structural steel is everywhere and is a material that can be relied upon by fabrication contractors for several reasons. 

This type of steel in particular is optimised for building and construction use and is often used to build frames and bridges due to its durability and reliability. 

This category of steel includes any steel with a carbon content of up to 2.1% of its total weight and often takes on the shape of an elongated beam. 

This material is particularly useful for construction as it can be manipulated into a variety of shapes depending on the specific goals of a project. 

It is a versatile type of steel and has a variety of benefits for construction and fabrication that help to make every project more sustainable, efficient, and durable.

Benefits of structural steel for fabrication contractors 

Many components set structural steel apart from other building materials, often making it the most suitable resource for a wide range of construction projects. 

Whether you’re looking for a robust material for your agricultural, commercial, or industrial steel building, this steel can create a reliable foundation or framework to ensure the longevity of your building. 

In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the key benefits of using structural steel on-site for fabrication contractors.

1. Increased construction safety

Structural steel always ensures a safe result for every project. 

Buildings constructed with this category of steel are usually treated with a coating to ensure their resistance to fire and water, which in turn helps to prevent splintering or shattering during the occurrence of extreme weather or natural disasters. 

Additionally, the use of this type of steel can decrease overall construction times as there is limited need for cutting, welding, and forming onsite. This also results in fewer workplace injuries as heavy machinery and equipment aren’t required so often and therefore workplace safety can be improved overall.

2. Reduced construction costs 

Structural steel is an economical choice compared to other materials available for use in construction as not only does this resource usually cost less, but the price remains relatively consistent over time. 

Due to the decrease in the time spent cutting and welding the material, this can help to reduce overall project costs as this category of steel can be transported to the site and erected quicker than alternatives such as wood or concrete. 

This reduces labour costs, as well as the budget spent on materials as this steel is largely recyclable and low maintenance, needing very little further financial attention once installed.

3. Flexibility and adaptability

Another reason why structural steel is popular within the construction and fabrication industry is its flexibility and adaptability.

The material can be added to upwards or sideways over time to expand buildings or used to make alterations to buildings that are still in the initial construction phase.

This helps to avoid large-scale changes in the future as the material can be easily adapted without having to completely dismantle the building and start again. 

4. Material sustainability 

Almost 100% of structural steel materials are recyclable so when using this for construction, wastage is usually minimal. 

As this steel is often recycled it is a common concern that the material may lose its strength over time, however, it is completely reliable for decades without losing its durability. 

This marks this category of steel cost-effective as well as an environmentally friendly building solution as it is rare that the material will need to be changed in the future.

5. Durable and lightweight

Structural steel is a suitable material for construction as it can withstand significant impact. This resource doesn’t expand or contract with moisture content and remains strong over time due to its high tensile points.

Additionally, as the product is lighter than wood or brick, it applies far less pressure to the overall building structure and increases the longevity of the entire building.

If quality standards are followed during installation, this type of steel should last for multiple decades and can be easily repaired if damage does happen to occur. 

Our team uses structural steel for construction every day to ensure every building has a solid foundation that is cost-effective, durable, and sustainable.

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