a cold rolled steel buildings built by Hamilton Steel
a cold rolled steel buildings built by Hamilton Steel

The benefits of steel building skylights

29th January 2024 · Structural Steel

The benefits of steel building skylights

Skylights are one of the most beneficial structural additions to a steel building. Often triple pained to protect from the elements, skylights are a perfect way to increase natural lighting in a building and save money in the long term. Find out more about this popular steel building accessory below.

Reduced artificial lighting 

The use of artificial lighting is costly, especially in a large steel building. Artificial lighting costs often make up a significant amount of total energy expenditure for a business. Skylights are a perfect way to utilise natural lighting to increase the brightness in your building, whilst reducing electricity and lighting costs. Using natural resources such as sunlight also reduces your carbon emissions, which can in turn boost your sustainability credentials. 

Improved employee mood

One of the benefits of steel building skylights is improved employee mood. Natural light gives us Vitamin D. Lack of Vitamin D has been linked to depression and obesity. According to research, we spend an average of 90% of our daily lives indoors. Lack of sunlight can massively affect our internal body clock (circadian rhythms) and lead to tiredness and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Introducing skylights and natural lighting can therefore protect the health of your workforce, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. 

A steel warehouse with skylights.

A natural heating and cooling system 

Using sunlight to heat your building is an economical and efficient alternative to relying on HVAC systems. This is one of the great benefits of steel building skylights – by letting sunlight into the building, the temperature will increase and heat internal surfaces and objects. On the other hand, in the hot summer months, skylights can provide additional airflow and ventilation. No matter the weather, skylights are a cost-effective way of controlling the temperature in your steel building, and with high-quality glass, they are weatherproof and able to withstand the elements.

A steel roof with skylights.

Mould and mildew prevention 

Natural ventilation and sunlight is proven to reduce mould and mildew. Mould thrives in dark, damp places. Increasing the sunlight in your building and making sure it is well ventilated can help prevent mould developing on your premises. Installing skylights on your steel building is a preventative measure to combat mould and the structural damage associated with damp. 


In addition to the practical benefits of steel building skylights, this accessory has the advantage of boosting the aesthetic appeal of your business premises. Skylight installation can make a structure more attractive internally and externally. Additionally, skylights can create an appealing viewpoint of the natural world outside, as well as an illusion of a much larger, open space. Working in pleasant surroundings and a healthy environment is important for employee job satisfaction and productivity. Upgrading your steel building with skylights will increase its value and make your business premises more desirable for buyers at a later date.

Skylights installed onto the roof of a steel structure.

Steel building skylights can be beneficial for long-term cost savings on electricity, heating and ventilation. As a leading UK supplier and installer of quality steel buildings and accessories, we can discuss your skylight requirements and offer a simple solution to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your building. You can find out more about how steelwork accessories here.

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