Structural Calculations….. Do you need them ?

What are structural calculations ?

Do i need them ?

Quite simply the answer to the above questions are YES.

Structural calculations make sure that the building you are having installed is fit for purpose very much like an MOT proves that a motor vehicle is roadworthy.

Why do i need structural calculations ?

There are many reasons you need to have the calculations in place.

  • Building control will not issue a completion certificate for the project without these as it is a standard requirement.
  • The groundwork design can not be completed without the up to date loading’s and bearing pressures of the frame design.
  • To establish what section size the steel would need to be.
  • Dependent on the use of the building these will be needed to provide piece of mind for the client to know their design will be fit for purpose.

What do they include ?

When you purchase a building from Hamilton Steel Buildings as standard you will receive a set of structural calculations. In essence you will receive a detailed report in PDF format of all the buildings key structural components detailing the columns, rafters, brackets, and all connection details. Included within the report  We also include structural calculations for the building’s sheeting rails, purlins, and bracing, as well as the cladding.

The structural calculations also take into account how the frame will perform under extreme weather conditions such as wind, rain, and snow, as well as environmental exposure subject to the buildings location.

Your calculations will also include the design to prove the suitability of the frame under fire boundary conditions if required.

When choosing a supplier for your building make sure that it is designed as per the requirements set out by building control and comes complete with a full set of structural calculations.

To find out more about the planning process please see Do Steel Buildings Need Planning Permission ?



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