a cold rolled steel buildings built by Hamilton Steel
a cold rolled steel buildings built by Hamilton Steel

Steelwork Accessories

Steelwork accessories such as steel-framed doors, windows, and skylights help to prioritise the safety of a building, provide an extra layer of insulation to protect the goods and employees inside and help to improve accessibility.

Hamilton Steel steelwork accessories door.

Accessibility with roller shutter doors, windows, and skylights

From the agricultural sector to commercial and industrial businesses, steel buildings are used for everything from storage to workshop spaces to garages.

To ensure each building is fit for purpose, steelwork accessories such as doors, windows and skylights can be installed.

At Hamilton Steel, we can supply high-quality secure personal access doors, windows, skylights, and roller shutter doors to improve the accessibility of your building.

Hamilton Steel steelwork.

Doors and windows for ultimate protection and compliance

Ensuring your steel building is compliant and fit for purpose is our top priority. Without the addition of steel-framed doors, windows, and skylights the goods kept in your steel building could be at risk.

Investing in high-quality, secure doors provides your building with enhanced security, protecting your goods, equipment, and machinery from theft or unpredictable weather conditions.

Steel buildings are used across a variety of sectors all of which require different levels of light and different amounts of access. Steelwork accessories such as roller shutter doors and secure windows help to ensure your compliance based on the industry you work in.

Simply Food steelwork accessory by Hamilton Steel project.

Accessories for energy-saving purposes

Energy efficiency is a priority when constructing a steel building in any sector and steelwork accessories help to reduce energy consumption.

Industrial doors are made from galvanised steel and this durable material helps to trap the heat in and prevent cold air from infiltrating the building.

Steel buildings can equally benefit from the addition of windows and skylights, as they can be opened to improve airflow within a structure and allow natural light to filter in, providing a source of heat and light for those working inside.

How Hamilton Steel can support your project

Whether you’re building a brand-new steel structure and need to add the finishing touches or you’re looking to update your existing steel building, the Hamilton Steel team has got you covered.

We work with businesses in the agricultural, commercial, and industrial sectors, supplying buildings with strong and reliable steel doors, windows, and skylights to ensure their buildings are secure and compliant.

The Hamilton Steel team are proud to provide a full solution from groundwork through to high-quality windows and skylights. We ensure that every aspect of your steel building is taken care of and manage your project with attention to detail.

To find out more about how we can enhance your newly built or existing steel structure with our steelwork accessories service, get in touch today.