MIxed Freight Services

Hot Rolled Steel Extension to Existing Building 24.5m x 20m x 6.01m

Mixed Freight Services Ltd  are a company based at Heathrow International Airport and have been looking a ways to create more storage on their exisiting site for a considerable length of time. They approached  us to design a building for them that connected to their existing building creating extra height.

We designed a hot rolled building to constrado and connected to the existing building on three sides. Due to the fire boundary conditions KS1000rw cladding was used on the side elevations. The building design incorporated a 20 degree pitch on the roof to create more internal space for storage. We also supplied a retractable bespoke door on the front gable to give the client exactly what they were looking for at the beginning of the design process.

This was a very challenging project but the results speak for itself.


Building Dimensions24.5m x 20m x 6.01m
Cladding Specification KS1000rw 40mm Composite Cladding
Cladding ColourGoosewing Grey (RAL 0807005)