a cold rolled steel buildings built by Hamilton Steel
a cold rolled steel buildings built by Hamilton Steel

Improving the insulation of steel-framed buildings

18th March 2024 · Cold-Rolled Steel Buildings

Improving the insulation of steel-framed buildings

Insulating steel-framed buildings is vital for ensuring the comfort of employees. High-quality cladding can also significantly reduce energy bills. By neglecting the insulation of steel-framed buildings, there is also an increased risk of rust, mould and erosion damaging your premises. In this blog post, we explore in further detail the benefits of quality cladding and offer advice on how to insulate a steel building.

The benefits of steel building insulation

1. Temperature control

Did you know, 26% of heat loss is through the ceilings in a steel building and 33% of heat is lost through the walls? Effective insulation assists in the thermal regulation within steel-framed buildings and can help the building retain heat during the winter months. Insulation can also keep excess heat outside during hot summer months, as it reduces heat transfer between the internal and external environment. This reduces the reliance on air conditioning when the external temperature is high. By increasing energy efficiency, you can reap the benefits of energy savings.

2. Building protection

Effective insulation of steel-framed buildings can improve the durability and longevity of the structure. Without proper insulation, rain can seep through gaps or condensation within the building can occur from lack of heat control. Water damage will cause rust, mould and erosion and threaten the structural integrity of a building, potentially leading to the roof collapsing. Rather than replacing and repairing a building, upgrading the insulation can save a considerable amount of time and money in repairs in the future. 

3. Money-saving

Insulation can reduce reliance on HVAC systems, lowering energy costs and making your premises more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Combining quality cladding with steelwork features such as skylights can improve temperature control and result in substantial energy savings.

Investing in insulation for your steel building can help save up to 50% more energy than non-insulated buildings.

Close-up of grey cladding bedding installed on steel framed building

4. Soundproofing

Noise pollution is a major concern in the UK. Noise can interfere with cognitive processing and is often damaging to mental and physical health. Insulation is a solution for keeping noises from outside (traffic, construction, etc) from interfering with the space inside the building. Insulation of steel-framed buildings can also improve the internal sound quality by reducing reverberation and echoing. The installation of insulation can lower the decibels and negative impacts of loud sounds, such as machinery operated inside the steel building. Insulation can also help with noise transfer between rooms, to help with privacy and focus within the workplace. 

How to insulate a steel frame building

There are many ways to improve the insulation of steel-framed buildings, including installing insulative composite cladding and making sure the space is well sealed. Quality installation of acoustic insulated doors, single-hung windows and shutters with a polyurethane foam insulating core can drastically improve the condition of your building. 

There are a large range of materials and insulation/cladding options, and the suitability of each option varies for each customer, meaning it is important to have a thorough consultation and seek professional advice. 

We offer many insulation options, bespoke to your building and business needs. Whether you require a new steel building or would like to refurbish your current premises, we can provide tailored advice and complete project management to ensure your experience with Hamilton Steel is streamlined and hassle-free. 

You can find out more about our cladding services here.

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