a cold rolled steel buildings built by Hamilton Steel
a cold rolled steel buildings built by Hamilton Steel

How to secure steel storage buildings

18th March 2024 · Commercial Buildings

How to secure steel storage buildings

When it comes to storage solutions, nothing compares to the strength, adaptability, and security that steel buildings provide. 

Businesses often use these structures to store expensive equipment, such as heavy machinery or industrial vehicles, because they provide more structural security than other materials. However, to completely secure your storage building, it is important to take extra measures to protect it and your items from damage or theft. 

In this blog post, we look at five ways that you can enhance the security of steel storage buildings.

Install security cameras and motion sensors

One of the most effective ways to secure steel storage buildings is to install theft-deterrent security systems that include cameras and motion sensors. These systems can have high installation costs, but if you are storing expensive equipment, it is worth the investment. 

With modern technology, you can receive alerts on your mobile phone if someone activates the sensors and you can view the cameras from your device, allowing you to quickly detect and respond to potential break-ins. Not to mention, the sudden light from motion sensors is likely to deter any unwanted guests before they reach the building.

Invest in a secure lock system

When you are away from your steel storage building, you must ensure that all means of entry, including windows and roll-up garage doors, are securely locked. Theft can occur from even the smallest negligence, therefore it’s critical to make sure nothing is overlooked.  

Investing in high-quality deadbolt locks and padlocks can add an extra layer of security to your steel building. If possible, you should invest in a digital lock system for your doors and windows, such as a fingerprint lock or smart door eye, to make it more difficult for an intruder to break in. 

Consider security through landscaping

When you consider cutting-edge security systems, landscaping is likely one of the last things to come to mind. However, a few clever additions to the area surrounding your steel storage building have the potential to lower the chances of a potential threat.

Limiting access to the structure is an effective theft deterrent. A way to do this would be by constructing a fence around the perimeter of your structure. A fence will ensure that your building is protected on all sides and entry is restricted to one single area. Regular maintenance of the greenery around your steel building is also recommended, as overgrown bushes and trees can give an impression of neglect and allure potential thieves.

Install a good lighting system

A good lighting system is primarily used for aesthetic enhancements, however, it can also function as a way to increase the security of steel storage buildings.

 A well-lit building gives the appearance that people are inside or nearby, deterring thieves from breaking into your property. An effective lighting system also makes it easier to monitor your building at night and identify intruders on your security cameras. 

Consider self-framing windows and roller shutter doors

 Adding self-framing windows to the steel frame can increase the security of your steel building. As self-framing windows are constructed of insulated glass, they are more durable than standard windows, making it more difficult for an intruder to enter your building.

Another option is to install roller shutter doors to your existing structure. These doors are equipped with reinforced frames, impact and drill-proof locks, heavy-duty hardware, and other safety features that will deflect even the most determined intruders. If you are looking to add roller doors or self-framing windows to your steel storage building, we can help.

At Hamilton Steel, we’ve designed and installed secure storage buildings for a number of our clients, including K G Site Services and Ezi Mix Concrete. Whether you’re looking to add extra security measures to an existing structure or a brand new secure steel storage building designed and installed tailored to meet your requirements, we offer a dedicated service.

We can work alongside you to ensure that your building is safe with the correct, appropriate security measures in place. Get in touch today

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