a cold rolled steel buildings built by Hamilton Steel
a cold rolled steel buildings built by Hamilton Steel


Groundwork is the first step in the construction process and involves preparing the ground for construction by carrying out excavation, grading, levelling and soil stabilisation, and installing pipes, drainage, and utilities.

Groundworks foundations on a Hamilton Steel project.

Building a strong foundation

When it comes to building structures, setting a solid foundation is crucial. A foundation will bear the weight of an entire structure and can aid in developing sufficient drainage systems to minimise structural weakening caused by flooding or extra unwanted moisture.

By prioritising the groundwork of your structure you are ensuring that your steel-framed fabrication is built upon high-quality materials such as stone or reinforced concrete and remains stable throughout the project and beyond.

Groundwork project by Hamilton Steel.

Benefit from increased stability

Correct groundwork is crucial for maintaining the stability and structural integrity of a building. If constructed on a foundation that has been properly prepared, your structure won’t shift, sink, or heave as a result of adverse weather conditions or the natural movement of soil.

With high-quality groundwork, your structure will remain safe, level and structurally intact for years to come. A building constructed on a solid foundation is more likely to last longer and require less maintenance over its lifespan, making this a cost-effective option for your business.

Groundwork project by Hamilton Steel.

Shaping your structure from the ground up

Landscaping is a crucial component of groundwork and when done correctly this process can improve the building’s overall appearance. Additionally, this process allows you to experiment with various materials and styles to create a structure that suits your business needs.

It is essential for the structural integrity of your building that the contractor you select to evaluate and plan your project is fully accredited and has experience with excavation, draining systems, and foundation work.

How Hamilton Steel can help

At Hamilton Steel, we are fully qualified to complete the groundwork for your project.

Our specialist team will conduct a ground investigation on your site to determine the soil and rock composition and characteristics. During this phase, we will gather information regarding the ground conditions to create a design that will reduce the likelihood and impact of unforeseen incidents.

After careful groundwork analysis, consideration for drainage and piling needs, and a professional design, our expert team will provide a strong foundation for your structure.

For professional, efficient groundwork services, contact us today.